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Annual meeting of IUG Associates

Despite the limitations of video conferencing, we look back on a very productive meeting of IUG Associates!

Things are going well with the International Standard for Pilot Organisations. The annual meeting of the ISPO International User Group (IUG), which currently consists of 22 pilot organisations, was held online on Wednesday 28 October. Unfortunately, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, it was not possible to organise a physical IUG meeting in combination with the ISPO Conference. ISPO conferences are organised to bring together stakeholders in the nautical world, show them what we are doing to improve the standard of pilotage organisations and the pilotage profession, and provide the opportunity for discussions. In addition, we offer interested pilotage organisations the opportunity to get acquainted with ISPO. Transparency and dialogue are the magic words.

Despite the limitations of video conferencing, we look back on a very productive meeting in which we adopted the annual accounts for 2019 and the budget for 2021. We said goodbye to Chris Kline as Board Member who stepped down because of his upcoming retirement. Chris has been a Member of the Board for the past seven years. He has been influential in the development of ISPO. We are very grateful for all his work and enthusiasm. Chris will remain a part-time pilot in 'his' port of Brisbane, Australia for a number of years. It is with great pleasure we can announce that we have appointed José Perez, pilot in Palma de Mallorca, to replace Chris as a Member of the Board.

Since the last annual meeting in Palma de Mallorca in September 2019, the following pilotage organisations have been ISPO certified: Sohar, the Norwegian Pilotage Service, Santander Pilots, Flinder Ports, North Queensland Bulk Ports (NQBP) Corporation, and Gladstone Marine Pilot Services. ISPO certificates are issued after an independent classification society has determined that all conditions have been complied with. In 2019, a total of 896 pilots were working within organisations that met the ISPO standard. With the above-mentioned organisations having adopted ISPO, that number has risen to 1,211 pilots. This way, the ISPO community is gradually growing, which is exactly what we are aiming to achieve. We hope to be able to meet physically again in October2021. The pilots of Cork, Ireland, have indicated that they will be willing to facilitate next year's meeting. We have plans for an interesting conference, so let us hope that the restrictive measures imposed by Covid 19 will be lifted by then. As soon as we know more about this, we will let you know.

 If you, as a pilot organisation, are interested in the ISPO standard or if you would like to receive more information, please contact info@ispo-standard.com.

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