International Users Group

To demonstrate the quality and efficiency of our service, the Association’s management took the decision to implement a safety and quality management system and in this regard the ISPO emerged the system of choice
Kurt Duncan, Chairman of Trinidad and Tobago pilots

The responsibility for the International Standard for Pilot Organizations lies with the International Users Group of ISPO-certified organizations (IUG). The IUG is a non-profit foundation, and represents the ISPO-certified pilot organizations and the IUG has the following responsibilities:

  • Maintenance and development of the standard. 
  • Informing ISPO-certified organizations and other interested parties in relation to the contents of the standard and all supporting documents.
  • Supporting potential members and other interested parties in relation to the implementation of the standard.
  • Recognition and authorization of classification societies.
  • Administration in the broadest terms.

The IUG consists of a board, an administrator and a working group. The board consists of seven board members, including the chairman. The administrator is responsible for the day-to-day administrative work of the foundation under the responsibility of the chairman. The working group provides the board with solicited and unsolicited advice. Both the board and the working group consist of a variety of members representing all corners of the world.

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