Membership funding enhance the overall value proposition for certified organizations and is vital to stakeholders and customers using pilots under the ISPO requirements.
Mr. Trent Lonsdale, CEO of Auriga Group

To promote and evolve ISPO, resources are needed. All ISPO-certified Pilot Organizations can indicate whether they want to be a participating member of the IUG. ISPO cannot exist without ideas from member organizations, maintenance, publicity and back-office functions. 

Although IUG membership is not mandatory, it is highly recommended for that pilot organizations who are ISPO certified to become a member of the IUG. Input on the development of the standard can be obtained through this IUG membership. The standard is for pilots by pilots. At the annual meeting of Associates, every member organization has the right to vote on proposals for the improvement of the standard. 

Note: IUG membership will be mandatory as per 1-1-2025.

The membership fee is relatively low and gives the pilot organization a platform to provide input in the continuous improvement of the standard. The subscription fee is determined annually by the board and amounts to € 45 per pilot for 2024.

Benefits of IUG membership:

  • ISPO is for pilots, by pilots. Membership gives a vote in the annual meeting of associates. The meeting of associates can amend articles in the code to improve or adjust the code to the requirements of members.
  • Membership creates a platform to exchange nautical expertise amongst colleagues from other pilot organizations in the world. ISPO pilot organizations all have the same mindset: safety of their pilots and continuous improvement of their services. We learn from each other.
  • The more IUG members there are, the greater the value of ISPO accreditation worldwide will be. Appreciation and recognition will only evolve when a large community of pilots is represented by the IUG.
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