18 March 2024

The International Harbour Masters Association (IHMA) and Tanger Med Port Authority are pleased to announce the 14th International Harbour Masters Congress. The key theme of this 2024 event is The Marine Adventure – Evolving and adapting to change in today’s ports. Tanger Med Port Authority will host the congress at the Tanger Med Port Center from 21 to 24 May 2024.

The Marine Adventure will dedicate an entire day of presentations, deliberations and enlightened discussion to each part of the port call process.

Pilotage services also play an important role in the areas of safety, sustainability and the environment during the port call. Captain Matt Easton, Liverpool Active Pilot and President of the IUG will give a presentation on ISPO, the International Quality and Safety Management System for Pilot Organisations.

ISPO provides a framework for pilot services and ports to document their pilotage operations, including boarding of pilots, launches, transport and training requirements.

ISPO is independently verified and certified by an IACS member recognized by the IUG (International Users Group of ISPO-certified pilot organizations). This 3rd party certification provides not only the port but their customers with transparency on pilot operations.

For more information about the IHMA congress, https://www..ihma2024.com






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