ISPO undoubtedly contributes to a better run, quality pilotage operation that is transparent in its standards.
Keith McLean, Senior first class pilot of Forth Pilots

ISPO delivers a management system with clear standardized documented procedures. The pilot organization’s manual details everyone’s duties and responsibilities. ISPO promotes a safety culture, mitigates risks and allows for continuous improvement. ISPO creates transparency for legislators and stakeholders.

ISPO's benefits:

  • Suitable for any kind of pilot organization, whether it be governmental, private, large or small.
  • Specifically developed and maintained by pilots for pilots and pilot organizations.
  • Assessed by an independent classification society.
  • Identifies and mitigates risks.
  • Operational procedures and policies are easily recognizable to customers.
  • Port customers usually have their own quality safety management system and are pleased to know that the port pilot services are as committed to quality safety management as they are.
  • In the event of a lack of a national standard, ISPO becomes a good, best practice framework for a port to use and can protect the reputation of the Port.
  • A better understanding of “customer” needs.
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