Certification process

This award means Liverpool pilots are of the highest international standard.
Iolo Thomas, Chairman of Liverpool Pilotage Services

All management topics as stated in the ISPO code need to be recorded in a document-controlled manual. Risks must be identified, documented and mitigated. A gap analysis can help to identify procedures required by ISPO and align with existing procedures and working practices.

After completion of the manual, an internal audit needs to be carried out to check if these procedures correspond with day-to-day practice.

After this internal audit, a document review needs to be carried out by a classification society recognized by the IUG (currently Lloyds Register, DNV and Bureau Veritas).

Any non-conformities identified during the document review need to be resolved before the certification audit can commence.

After the pilot organization has successfully passed the certification audit, the organization is ISPO certified for 5 years. An internal and external audit must be executed annually in order to remain certified.

Initiating the certification progress can be perceived as a daunting task, without knowing exactly which steps to take. The IUG is here to help and assist. Should any questions arise or assistance be needed, please contact the administrator of the IUG: iug@ispo-standard.com


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