International Standard for Maritime Pilot Organizations

Headlines of the standard

Basic line

There are numerous Pilot organizations in the world, each dealing with national and local administration- and legalisation rules. The complexity and the different circumstances of each port ask for specific solutions for each Pilot organization. The ISPO gives enough possibilities to implement procedures and instructions suitable for each independent pilot organization. However the standard contains a general basic line for all organizations together, which needs to be complied with.

The following items, if applicable, have to be managed:

  • Functional Requirements
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Management Responsibility
  • Recruitment, Training & Qualification
  • Pilot Operations
  • Logistic Operations
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Customer Related Processes
  • Risk, Incident and Accident Management
  • Measurement, Analyses and Improvement

The ISPO standard consists of the following parts:

Part A - This is the ISPO - ”standard”

This part contains mandatory provisions giving the minimum standard for full compliance with the ISPO, when adopted by the pilot organization. Exclusions are possible, but shall be subject to approval by the classification society.

Download: Part A - ISPO standard.pdf

Part B - ISPO Guidelines

The ISPO guidelines contain recommended guidance to assist implementation of the ISPO in a uniform manner. The measures suggested in these guidelines are not mandatory and the examples given are only intended to illustrate how certain ISPO requirements can be complied with. They should, however, be taken into account.

Download: Part B - ISPO Guidelines.pdf

Part C - Management & Control Manual

This part contains the use of uniform standards for managing the system. The features for a safety & quality management system are described and how the ISPO encompasses those features. This document explains the principle of safety and quality audits, and why internal and external verification should take place before a certificate is being issued to show that an individual pilot organization complies with the ISPO. You could call it the handbook for the IUG.

Part C is confidential and is available only for use by ISPO certified pilot organizations, the IUG and classification societies.

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