17 April 2023

Qastor 3: The Maritime Navigation Software from QPS

Qastor 3 is the latest navigation software offering from Quality Positioning Services (QPS), a leading provider of maritime software solutions. Qastor 3 is a significant upgrade from its predecessor, Qastor 2.5, with improved functionality, performance, and user experience.

Established in the Netherlands in 1986, QPS has grown into a global leader in the maritime software industry, serving a diverse range of customers, including hydrographic offices, port authorities, dredging companies, offshore construction firms, and hydrographic surveyors. The company's goal is to provide innovative and reliable software solutions that enable customers to operate more efficiently and safely.

Qastor 3 is the latest product in QPS's portfolio, and it has already established itself as a leading software solution in the maritime industry. Collaboration between Nederlands Loodswezen, DAB Loodswezen, and QPS to develop, the next-generation pilotage software, Qastor 3.

The software utilizes real-time data and advanced algorithms to facilitate safer and more efficient navigation. Qastor 3 provides superior situational awareness, flexibility, planning, and safety features:

  • Safety - The software calculates the risk of collision and provides alerts to the pilot, along with real-time motion parameters and dynamic under-keel clearance capabilities. It also receives automatic identification system (AIS), port vessel traffic system (VTS) information, ENC (Electronic Navigational Chart) distribution, and environmental updates, aiding pilots in taking evasive action if necessary.
  • Situational Awareness - Qastor 3 provides path prediction based on vessel speed, course over ground, and heading. It receives real-time port VTS information, updated ENCs, currents, wave heights, wind speed, and direction, enabling users to make informed decisions based on the latest information.
  • Flexibility - The software expands navigable waters and aids ship movement with high-resolution ENC compatibility.
  • Planning - Qastor 3 allows users to set waypoints, including distance off-track, wheel over line, and more. It uses vessel draft, required safety margin, and ENC contours to verify the route's under-keel clearance.

Qastor 3 has received glowing reviews from customers, who praise its ease of use, reliability, and advanced features. QPS is committed to continuously improving the software, with regular updates and enhancements based on customer feedback and the latest industry trends.

In summary, Qastor 3 aims to provide advanced and dependable software solutions that enhance maritime navigation safety and operational performance. QPS is dedicated to pushing the limits of innovation in collaboration with the maritime community.

QPS will be present at the ISPO Conference 2023 in Amsterdam. Please visit us if you want to receive a Qastor 3 trial license for 6 months, or want to discuss our first license campaign. If you can’t make it to our booth, send an email to sales@qps.nl to request a Qastor 3 demo license for iOS/Windows.

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