19 October 2023

On October 12, after the ISPO Conference, the annual meeting of Associates took place at the Jakarta Hotel in Amsterdam. During this meeting we said goodbye to the IUG board members Capt. Tjitte de Groot and Capt. Lafi Al Murtaji.

Capt. Tjitte de Groot was the treasurer of the IUG. He was also chairman of the Rotterdam Pilots, but his retirement this year means he could no longer serve on the IUG board.

Captain Lafi Murtaji had to resign as per the board's resignation schedule. He served as a board member for seven years representing the Arab countries.

Unfortunately, Capt. Lafi Al Murtaji was unable to attend, but both gentlemen were thanked extensively for their efforts and commitment to the IUG by the IUG chairman Capt. Matt. Easton during the meeting.

Capt. Hans van Driel and Capt. Ahmed Sati are the successors and are warmly welcomed by the board and associates. Capt. Hans van Driel will be the new treasurer of the IUG and Capt. Ahmed Sati will represent the Arab and African countries as board member.

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