3 November 2021
12 pilots
Walmsley WA 6330, Australiƫ

Southern Ports was formed in 2014, following the amalgamation of the Ports of Albany, Bunbury and Esperance under the one umbrella.

All three of our regional ports play an important role in connecting Western Australia with trade products from around the world. 

We are focused on creating value for the communities in which we operate and the customers who use our facilities. We achieve this in consultation with the communities we work within, to ensure their needs are considered in all stages of planning and development.

It is our belief that strong regional ports, leads to strong regions, and that has economic and social benefits for residents across the regions we service. We're proud of our contribution to the economic prosperity of the State of Western Australia and will continue to focus on positioning all of our ports for resilience and long term growth.

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