2 May 2013
7 pilots
Maritime House, 8 Coronation St, South Shields NE33 1AZ, Verenigd Koninkrijk

There has been a port on the River Tyne for over 2000 years, and it has served generations from the Romans to modern times. The home of the Venerable Bede and a European centre of learning in medieval times, the Port has always been central to the economy and infrastructure of the North East region.

The heyday of the River Tyne began in the 18th century with the industrial revolution when the North East of England led the way in science and engineering innovation.  Much of the legacy of those extraordinary  times – the piers, lighthouses, the Swing Bridge and the Fishquay - is still under the custodianship of the Port of Tyne. 

In 2018, the Port of Tyne marked 50 years since becoming a trust port in 1968.The Port of Tyne has statutory responsibility for conservancy and safe navigation for a 19 mile stretch of the River Tyne and for three miles of sea outside the piers.

The Port will achieve its policy commitments by working in accordance with the requirements of the 
standards to which it subscribes - ISPO, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. 


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