28 December 2011
50 pilots
Liverpool, Verenigd Koninkrijk

Liverpool Pilots have provided safe pilotage for vessels of all types and size, navigating within the port limits of Liverpool, for over 250 years.

The modern service comprises of more than 50 pilots who are all highly experienced, trained and skilled Master Mariners, authorised to navigate within the district by the Competent Harbour Authority – The Mersey Docks and Harbour Company, a subsidiary of Peel Ports.

All Liverpool Pilots are members of a Co-Operative that prides itself on delivering specialist knowledge of tides and currents, communication procedures, traffic flows, the harbour and berths, as well as all aspects of ship handling.

Liverpool Pilots are trained in accordance with IMO A960 standards and operate within a safesystem framework approved by Lloyds Register and certified by the International Standard forMaritime Pilotage Organisations (ISPO).

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