International Standard for Maritime Pilot Organizations

International Users Group

The International Users Group of ISPO-certified organizations (IUG) is the body, which is responsible for the ISPO on behalf of the ISPO-certified pilot organizations.

All ISPO-certified Pilot Organizations can indicate whether they want to be a participating member of the IUG. The IUG board decides on the membership after consultation of the members.

By becoming an IUG member a pilot organization can have influence on contents of the ISPO.

All IUG members pay a membership fee. In 2019 the fee is € 35,- per pilot in the organization. For new members joining the IUG during the year the fee will be calculated pro rata per day for the remainder of the year.

The IUG is responsible for:

  • maintenance and further development of the standard.
  • communication between ISPO-certified organizations and informing ISPO-certified organizations and other interested parties in relation to:
    • the contents of the standard and all supporting documents
    • the recognition of classification societies
    • ISPO-certification in general
  • supporting potential members and other interested parties in relation to the implementation of the standard.
  • recognition and authorisation of classification societies as independent bodies for ISPO-certification.
  • administration of certificates; certified organizations and authorized classification societies.

 For further information regarding the IUG please mail to: iug@ispo-standard.com

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