International Standard for Maritime Pilot Organizations


Customised procedures

The benefits of working according the ISPO are many. The ISPO provides a kind of dedicated business plan with clear guidelines for pilotage in practice, and a framework of terms of delivery. As such, the standard provides transparency towards customers and stakeholders. The ISPO is dedicated to pilots and pilot organizations and assessed by an independent classification society. The standard allows room for customised procedures dedicated for use in pilot organizations around the world, as pilotage differs from port to port. That is why the standard contains modules to fit different situations worldwide 

Audits and classification societies

The ISPO headlines determine what has to be managed and what needs to be controlled and the management control manual contains rules and instructions to manage the quality system. It also comprises of instructions related to in- and external audits and of accreditation of classification societies and many more. 

The degree of success is determined by the degree of dedication of the company’s management, first and foremost. The ISPO is just a tool to find out what needs to be achieved, and to analyse the own organization, which tasks it has and in what way this is performed and by whom. It also defines responsibilities and authorities within the organization. The ISPO can help answering questions as how to deal with observed deviations, recommendations and need for improvements.

ISPO offers a good structure to continuously improve the performance of a Pilot organization!
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