International Standard for Maritime Pilot Organizations

About ISPO

Due to the nature of the job pilots must be self-confident and assertive, but at the same time team players able to slot into any vessel’s bridge team during the most critical phases of a vessel’s passage.

Pilots believe they offer quality services but ever increasingly there is demand, particularly from the oil industry, for transparency and auditable standards from the services offered by pilots.

Furthermore, adopting the ISPO system gives you a good opportunity to have a close look at all processes within a pilotage organization. It delivers a management system that not only promotes a safety culture but also allows for continuous improvement.

Background to ISPO

The ISPO code was developed by the Dutch Maritime Pilot’s Association and Lloyds Register in close corporation with the European Maritime Pilots’ Association (EMPA).

In 2005 the pilots’ organization in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region in the Netherlands was the first in the world to be ISPO accredited.

Since 2005 ISPO has been adopted by an increasing number of pilot organizations, all with the same aim of providing a high quality and auditable service to ports and ship owners and by 2017 19 pilot organizations in Europe, the Caribbean, Australia and the Middle East were ISPO certified.

Other pilot organizations worldwide are ISPO compliant and working towards accreditation.

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